About Joyce Gianato

Joyce Gianato is a strategic cultural specialist and the founder and Managing Director of The Gianato Group. Joyce’s extensive professional experience in business, consulting, and academe spans twenty years, three continents, and 28 countries. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business, a Master in Education (M.Ed.) in linguistics, and an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Cross-Cultural Communication and Teaching Additional Languages. A native of the U.S., she has lived and worked in the U.K., Italy, South Korea, Malta, and the U.S. She is fluent as a native speaker in Italian, with functional competency in Korean and Spanish. She is culturally competent in Asia and Western Europe, and considers herself a global citizen.

Her area of expertise in cross-cultural consulting and training focuses on South Korea and Italy. Her experiential and academic areas of specialization include: nonverbal and cross-cultural communication; repatriation, culture shock, and reverse culture shock. Clients have included international corporations, government, and non-profit organizations. In addition, she has conducted long-term mentoring programs for international senior executives and faculty in business, education, and medicine. Her business experience includes financial management, sales and marketing.

She was a visiting professor in South Korea for more than six years, primarily at Yonsei University, in Seoul, where she taught the first graduate course in Intercultural Communication. She was also a volunteer kindergarten teacher of English at Won Myung Sa Buddhist Temple in Cheju, South Korea for two years.

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR)
  • Institute for Intercultural Communication - (SIIC)
  • National Writing Project – Teaching Fellow at the University of Georgia: Red Clay Writing Project (2003 – present)
  • National Consortium of Teach Asia – Fellowship at the University of Georgia (2004)
  • University of Hawaii – East-West International Center for Research: Fellowship (2004-2005)

International Publications

Co-authored two books, chapters in books, and numerous journal articles. Representative titles include:

  • “Re-entry” [Genre: Reverse culture shock]
  • “The Calm After the Storm” [Reflections on rural island life in South Korea after the third summer typhoon]
  • “I Want to Feel Funny”: Integrating Humor into the EFL Curriculum”

Related Professional Cross-Cultural Experience and Recent Research

  • “The Essence of Traditional Korea: A Cultural Journey of Endangered Artifacts” (unpublished dissertation on Material Culture of South Korea)
  • “Nonverbal Communication: The Crucial Link to Total Communication”
  • “Traditional Korean Funeral and Burial Customs and Practices: A Contrast of Urban and Rural Rites”
  • “La Faccia indietro della Cartolina” (12 year photojournalistic project of daily life in Venice)
  • “The Gondola: From Heart to Hand” (Gondola construction by last family cantiere [ship builder] in Venice, Italy
  • “Schegge di Acqua” (“Pieces of Water”) – Venice, Italy - Photography exhibition