About Us

The Gianato Group Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in high-level strategic consulting, planning, and solutions for businesses that are coping with the corporate impact of crossing cultural borders. Whether entering or expanding into a new market, our results-focused strategies concentrate on global application and ensuring sensitivity to the client’s business plan while remaining cognizant of the client’s international image. We capitalize on our extensive experience in international business and academe to offer a unique approach of experiential relevance.

Products and services of the Gianato Group are delivered in a blended approach based on the client’s business plan, priorities, and time frame. Our services range from one-on-one individualized expatriate preparation and top-level executive consultation to workshops for small to large groups.

Additionally, our custom-designed framework positions clients to meet the cultural challenges of working effectively with diverse colleagues, teams, clients, and suppliers. All consultation services are presented on-site at your corporate facilities. A network of cross-cultural business experts is maintained to augment services as needed.

Services are available in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Our area of experiential specialization is South Korea, Italy, and the U.S., whether doing business in these countries or in other global locations.